New picture to share.

Just wanted to share this one lol it’s kind of in season. Also be on the look out for a new set of Lightroom presets coming soon :)


New Layout

I did this layout today, I used my frames (soon to come to the SSS mall) ribbons are CRD, also used one my own Lightroom Presets. I really love how this turned out! My son is such a card lol and he did get that bubble blown 🙂

Lightroom Preset.

ok I finally did it, after importing all 17,000 pictures to lightroom and getting them organized lol I decided to try making a preset lol so here it is 🙂 (just click on picture to download)
If u like it leave a comment maybe I’ll make another 🙂

New!! Vintage Bears!!

Hi all, I got up this morning and decided to get something done lol, so thanks to the request of the lovely Miss Sharon Kay I have a new Teddy Bear kit for you in the mall at Seaside Scraps. Introducing Vintage Bears, I also have a matching Vintage Bear frame for you here on my blog! If you like it leave a comment. I would love to hear them!

New Layout! and Link to some goodies

Hi All, I have been trying to catch up with my scrapping lol i got a few more layouts done! Yay! this one is done with my Clogger II kit found in our mall at SSS, the Frames are another set lol that i have been working on should be up soon. If u like it leave a comment would love to hear back!This is of my DD at her Clogging workshop yesterday.

If you girl’s like Lightroom presets be sure to swing by Scrappy Ponys blog
and pic up her new set of presets!